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Karafont PRO - The Best Karaoke Player

KaraFont is a Karaoke and MP3 Player that permit you to sing and read karaoke text. Thanks to the use of sampled sounds SF2 (SoundFonts) the software will give to the song a very special sound effects as rich reverbs , chorus, etc... You can also convert your MP3 files into MP3 karaoke format with the best sound quality.
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Karafont PRO - Features

tl_files/clean_blue/arrow.gifCD + G Karaoke Player 
tl_files/clean_blue/arrow.gifMp3 Player 
tl_files/clean_blue/arrow.gifFunction-NoStop to play the songs in the playlist. 
tl_files/clean_blue/arrow.gifVocal Remove to eliminate or mitigate the voice of the songs Audio/Mp3. 
tl_files/clean_blue/arrow.gifPitch-function to increase or decrease the tone of Mp3 and Wav files. 
Time-function to increase or decrease the time of Wav Mp3 file. 
Double screen for the lyrics. 
Equalizer for all audio files 
Save all the changes both in the midi file and Audio. 
Choose the songs from "OpenFile" without interrupting the running track. 
Create PlayList "in flight" with the track running
Use sounds SF2 to have excellent sound with a Midi file. 
View the karaoke text in Tune MID 1000, Solton, synchronized with the music. 
View the Full Text to Screen Karaoke 
View the complete type lectern. 
Create Playlists for MidiFile. 
Change the tone. 
Change the Time 
Mute tracks. 
Volume Tracks. 
Change the instruments in real time.
Insert text manually in the audio tracks (MP3 or Wav). 
Insert in Track Mp3 Title, Author, Genre, etc. ..... 
Save all the changes (only in full version).